Saturday , January 20 2018

SAHARA Petrochemicals Requires Staff

SAHARA Petrochemicals Jobs: To make use of the support offered to the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia, especially in petrochemical manufacturing projects, Zamil Group – one of the largest business houses in Saudi Arabia – handled the formation and sponsored “Sahara Petrochemicals” a Saudi joint stock company with a paid up capital of SR 4,387,950,000. “Sahara Petrochemicals” performs participation and supervises foundation and establishing several limited liability companies in Al Jubail Industrial City with the participation of Saudi and foreign companies that have the modern skills and technologies; to produce and market its chemical and petrochemical products such as propylene, polypropylene, ethylene and polyethylene.

“Sahara Petrochemicals” was founded to be one of the pioneer industrial pillars in Saudi Arabia especially petrochemical and chemical industry which has evolved in the late seventies and has developed into one of the pioneer manufacturing and exporting sectors in Saudi Arabia.

Our name “Sahara Petrochemicals” comes from the local environment and culture of KSA, where the Desert (SAHARA) represents the overwhelming environment of daily local life.
Man finds in the desert the transparency that touches his heart.  For although the way of living is simple, clearness is the essence of everything. Credibility becomes the title of Man and thus he acquires the manners of generosity, truthfulness in his meetings, honesty in his dealings and commitment with principles.  All these represent for this Man a covenant of honor for which he lives and for which he dies.

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